UP TO APRIL 16, 2018

introduction to cuaderno de notas

Literally meaning "notebook" and published by the Madrid Polytechnic University (UPM) High Technical School of Architecture (ETSAM) Composition Department, it is a journal dedicated to the Theory and History of Architecture, fundamentally modern and contemporary. Teaching and research papers are compiled in it for the benefit of resident students and professors alike, as well as for any interested collectives outside the school body such as scholars of the particular themes talked.

Unlike other publications or its kind, the Cuaderno de Notas has a flexible and variable format, with the papers incorporating synoptical tables specially elaborated for the journal, annotated translations of texts not published in Spanish and, of course, conventional articles as well.

Papers submitted by doctoral students, when of particular interest, may also be included.


Indexation and quality requirements

Cuaderno de Notas fullfils all the scientific publication criteria adopted by the Spanish National Agency for the Researching Activity Evaluation (CNEAI).

It is included in the following data base and platforms:

- DOAJ, Directory of Open Access Journals

- MIAR, Matrix of Information for Analysis of Scientific Journals.

- REDIB (Iberoamerican Net for Innovation and Scientific Knowledge). Includes the former e-Revistas (Open Acces Platform of Spanish and Latinamerican Online Scientific Journals) of CSIC.

- Dialnet, Spanish data base of Scientific Journals. La Rioja University.

Inclusion accepted (progressive updating in online data bases) in:

- Latindex.

- Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, Columbia University N.Y.


Only for research articles from number 15 onwards

Articles received (total) 103

Articles accepted and published (total) 39.............................index of acceptance 38%

Articles rejected (total) 63......................................................rejection index 62 %

Articles from Drafting Committee members 0 / 39.................0%

Articles others than Drafting Committee members 39 / 39....100%

Articles received (last issue) 36

Articles accepted and published (last issue) 13.....................index of acceptance 36%

Articles rejected (last issue) 22..............................................rejection index 61 %



UP TO APRIL 16, 2018

The period of admission of works is open during the whole year. The deadline will be always April 5th for every new number. Since the day after the deadline till next April 5th in the following year can be sent contributions for the next issue and so on. When a monographic or special number is programmed, it will be announce in advance.




Besides the usual one-time features, Cuaderno de Notas presented in the first 13 issues a number of theme series through the succesive publication of related articles. Our most important theme series so far have been the following:

  • Picturesque Garden and Architecture
  • The English House
  • The Deutsche Werkbund
  • Modern Dutch Architecture
  • Brutalism in Architecture
  • Julius Posener Lessons on the History of New Architecture

Cuaderno de Notas deliberately maintains a modest but carefully elaborated format, and a limited print-run. The journal is rigorously put together on the basis of high academic criteria, and distinguishes itself through an insistence on originality and depth. Though much included in course reading lists, therefore, it does not intend to be a mere compilation of course notes.

Our "notebook" neither aims for a larger readership nor is it particularly interested in following the latest debates. As a publication whose mission it is to provide foundations and references, it focuses instead on topics and events of a relatively non-current nature.


Diffusion and Track Record

Cuaderno de Notas is now on its eighteenth issue (see previous numbers). So far it has been made available in all the Architecture and Art History Schools of Spain, as well as in the libraries of Architectural Associations and other Cultural Institutions.

Its editors have established a regular exchange with the magazine Espacio, Tiempo y Forma of the UNED´s Faculty of Art History, and abroad with the Architecture Schools of the Netherlands, Italy and several Latin American countries.


For the time being Cuaderno de Notas is distributed on a very limited basis. A few copies of the current issue are on sale in the ETSAM´s publications shop, Arcadia Mediatica. For back issues contact Arcadia Mediatica ( or our contact adress.


Editorial staff

Rafael García García

Editorial Board
Rafael García García
José Manuel García Roig
Robrerto Osuna Redondo
Manuel de Prada Pérez de Azpeitia
María Teresa Valcarce Labrador

Scientific Committee
José Ramón Alonso Pereira
Silvia Arango
Franziska Bollerey
Juan Calatrava Escobar
J. Antonio Cortés Vázquez de Parga
Pablo Fuentes
Axel Föhl
Kenneth Frampton
Ramón Gutiérrez
Leon Krier
Jan Molema
Manuel J. Martín Hernández
Josep Maria Montaner Martorell
Victor Pérez Escolano
Nina Rappaport
Hugo Segawa
Panayotis Tournikiotis


Pdfs and on line edition

The journal in its entirety is available online as digital edition (in POLI-RED UPM) in the following address (

Moreover a selection of articles is available when you click in previous numbers. Due to server memory limitations only a part of the total contents have been transferred.

Contact Adress

Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura
Departamento de Composición Arquitectónica
Avenida Juan de Herrera n.4. 28040 Madrid
Tel: 91.336.65.15
Fax: 91.336.64.96